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Honey & Vanilla Glazed Salmon


Vanilla can be used to make fantastic marinades for fish dishes. Incidentally, vanilla is also a great deodorizer – some fishermen even use it on their hands to disguise the odours they pick up during a day’s work! On a ...

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Fried Cod in Beer Batter


Ideal for your Fish Fridays, this recipe is for perfect traditional Beer Battered Cod. Ingredients: 8 (120g) fillets cod 2 litres vegetable oil for frying 125g plain flour 2 tablespoons garlic granules 2 tablespoons paprika 2 teaspoons salt 2 teaspoons ...

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Balsamic Chicken Risotto


Pure vanilla works wonders in a whole host of dishes, including savoury! This tasty recipe developed especially for LittlePod, suppliers of high quality vanilla products, by the talented Emma & Jacqui from Hills and Parkes Delicatessen. Ingredients 2 chicken breasts 2 butternut or ...

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The LittlePod Torta


Real vanilla supplier LittlePod share this recipe for the perfect Torta. Ingredients 250g plain flour 50g icing sugar 125g unsalted butter (softened) 5 medium eggs: (1 for pastry & seperate 4 into egg whites/yolks) 50ml/3tbsp milk & splash for pastry ...

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Chocolate & Beetroot Fudge Cake


Janet of real vanilla suppliers LittlePod shares this luxurious chocolate cake recipe: “This is the most yummy and luxurious of cakes. I love beetroot in all its forms: baked, pickled raw and could eat it every day. When we decided ...

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Duck Cassoulet


This winter warmer is a favourite at LittlePod, suppliers of real Madagascan vanilla paste and extracts. A hot one-pot meal is a great idea, particularly on those cold days. LittlePod MD Janet made this cassoulet for a live music event ...

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Venison Pies with Vanilla Sauce


We are, as you can imagine, big fans of sweet filled pies and we often whip up batches of sweet pastries for LittlePod gatherings. However, this is one of our favourite pie recipes, and it’s savoury. You only need a ...

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