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Editor’s Viewpoint: From Britain’s Worst Hotel to Retaining Loyal Diners

A couple of stories recently caught my attention, both featured on our website: “Hotel, Dubbed the Worst in Britain Closed Down”, and “Diners More ...

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Editors Viewpoint: Non-Paying Customers – Don’t Get Me Started!

We have a story on our website which made my blood boil, and took me back to the days when I had my restaurant here ...

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Editor’s Viewpoint – Is The Pub Becoming An Unaffordable Luxury?

We have a rather tongue in cheek article on our website from the Campaign for Real Ale entitled, “Which politician would you trust to ...

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Editor’s Viewpoint: Brexit Staycation Boost?

Britain is basking in a heatwave, this is the view from Bournemouth pier at 1 o’clock today (July 19)!!! A walk through Bournemouth town ...

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The Race For Space: Tackling The Post-Christmas Trading Conundrum

Gordons leisure and hospitality partner Simon Mydlowski examines how pubs, bars and restaurants will tackle the traditionally quiet post-Christmas trading environment. For many businesses, ...

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Airbnb –What Next?

We are living in the age of the great disruptors. As the sharing economy begins to take over our lives with ever present social ...

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Hospitalitygem’s Steven Pike Gives His Insight On Quick Service Restaurants

Thought-leadership – QSR Quick service restaurants have seen a rapid growth over the past five years, fuelling growth in the hospitality industry as a ...

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Power to the people – not the mouthy few

The evidence of history is that undemocratic organisations, like the EU, eventually make a hash of it. THE PROMISE: David Cameron and George Osborne, ...

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