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Peter Adam's Paella.

Editor’s Viewpoint: Peter’s Paella Recipe!

Try your hand at CLH Editor Peter Adams’s special Paella recipe! Ingredients:- Good splash of olive oil 1 onion, chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced ...

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Peter Adams, Editor of CLH News

Editor’s Viewpoint: Tourism Tax Rears Its Head?

I read recently that May 30th is Tax Freedom Day! Everything we earn from 1st of January to 29th of May goes to the ...

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Photo by HM Treasury

Editor’s Viewpoint: Osborne’s Missed Opportunity

I am sure we will all have our own individual opinions on Chancellor George Osborne’s budget, and we have had quite a few industry ...

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Peter Adams, Editor of CLH News

Editor’s Viewpoint: “Localism” Still Thriving!

I have just returned from a regional show in the West Country, one we have been supporting for many years, and once again I ...

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Are You Ready For The National Living Wage?

“Firms that can’t afford the increase should consider options such as increasing the price of goods or reducing staff numbers or hours” advises law ...

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BREXIT – What Would This Mean For Businesses In The Hospitality And Leisure Sector?

A decision will be made by the British electorate on 23 June 2016 as to whether the UK should leave the EU. There are ...

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The Change Group Responds to MP Paul Scully’s Comment on Impact of a Brexit on the Hospitality Industry

By Craig Allen, co-founder of hospitality recruitment agency, The Change Group. Paul Scully is presuming that by exiting the EU, Britain will then open ...

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