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Editor’s Viewpoint – “It’s the Maths, Stupid”

“It’s the maths, stupid”!!! – The was a great article in this month’s CLH News from Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin, highlighting the inequality in ...

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Peter Adams, Editor of CLH News

Editor’s Viewpoint – Overcapacity Hindering Growth

A very happy New Year to you all! I will, for the next few posts, begin with urging you to signup to our new ...

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Editor’s Viewpoint: Merry Christmas from CLH News

Remembering my days in hospitality operation’s well, I am sure you are all too busy to read this! By now you will be in ...

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Editor’s Viewpoint: It’s Still ‘Independents’ for Me!

I was hoping to bring you my thoughts on the new five-star Hilton hotel opening here in Bournemouth. I was under the impression it ...

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