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Editor’s Viewpoint: Brexit Staycation Boost?

Britain is basking in a heatwave, this is the view from Bournemouth pier at 1 o’clock today (July 19)!!! A walk through Bournemouth town ...

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Peter Adams, Editor of CLH News

Editor’s Viewpoint – Will The Bed Tourism Tax Rear Its Head Again?

I just come back from a holiday abroad, and was rather dismayed too have found myself paying a tax I had absolutely no idea ...

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Editor’s Viewpoint – CLH News Readers ‘In Sync’ With Brexit

Following my comment yesterday it would appear that the readers of CLH News are “in sync” with the majority of the country! Britain has ...

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Editor’s Viewpoint: The Result Is In – It’s “Brexit” For CLH Readers

Readers of CLH News have voted in favour of “Brexit” following an online poll which we have conducted over the past two weeks. Out ...

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Brexit: The Good, The Bad And The Unknown For Hospitality Smes

By Alex Littner, Managing Director of Boost Capital WHEN Britain voted to leave the European Union on June 23, sterling tumbled, and businesses across ...

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6 Tips for Businesses Considering Kitchen Refurbishment

Your kitchen is key to the success of your business, and any refurbishment project has to go well, or your business will suffer. If ...

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The EU Referendum – Paul Nuttall, MEP Comments

As the referendum on whether to stay within the EU looms, Deputy Leader of UKIP, Paul Nuttall MEP talks exclusively with CLH News:- The ...

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Brexit: How British Food Makers Will Be Affected

By Lewis Crofts, Chief Correspondent at Mlex, leaders in offering exclusive market insight, analysis and commentary A potential ‘Brexit’ could see the end of ...

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